4 Things Guys Are Never Too Young Too Start

mens habits to start young

1. You see it all the time with women but guys, we need to jump on this. Invest in your skin – it will thank you later on in life. Start taking care of your skin with a good skincare routine and make it a habit.

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2.The same goes for hair – all guys should start thinking about taking care of it before it’s too late, especially for younger guys who have time to do something about it now for a better “future you”. For hair, Rogaine® is one of those must-haves for guys in their 20’s who are concerned about hereditary hair loss, which accounts for 95% of all hair loss in men.

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3. Challenge your mind each day. Even if you only have 20 minutes each morning, read or study something of value before you start your day.

habits guys should start young

4 things guys should start young

4. Exercise. Just 15 minutes a day will help get the blood flowing and will have a huge effect on the mind and body.

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The Best of a Family Cruise in 72 Hours

hello his the best of family cruises

harmony of the seas

72 hours hello his

hello his the best of

harmony of the seas

royal caribbean harmony of the seas

beach baby

harmony of the seas

royal caribbean

If you only have 72 hours for a quick family weekend, no moment should go to waste. We spent last weekend on the Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas cruise from Florida to the Bahamas and there was never a dull moment. From adult-time to activities for the kids, there was always something to do. Below are a few highlights:

  1. Fun for everyone: The kids loved going to the adventure zone to hang out with other kids their age giving Christine and I time to grab a nice dinner and catch a show. A cruise is one of the best options for a family-friendly vacation knowing there’s something for everyone. There are different neighborhoods on the ship that all have something unique and cool going on.
  2. Water fun: The ship has some of the most amazing water slides on board, including their FlowRider: a surf or knee board simulator. It was a water park that had just as much appeal for the kids as it did the adults.
  3. Good eats: There were so many restaurants and between the cool robot drink mixer and all you can eat ice cream, we had all the food and treats we could imagine right there – nobody wanted to leave the ship.
  4. Destinations along the way: They always say that the journey is half the fun of a trip and that’s definitely true of a cruise. We stopped at the Bahamas for our destination and it was the perfect change of scenery. We loved hanging out on the beach for the day and it was a great way to check another destination off the list without another flight and layover.

You can find more of the best of the Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas here and our first cruise out of England here.

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5 Reasons to love the Audi Q7 on a Road Trip with the Kids

utah staycationing road trip

audi road trip

Audi Q7

5 reasons to road trip in an SUV

Audi q7 virtual cockpit

Audi Q7

family roadtrip

family roadtrip in utah

family fall activities

The roads are endless so whether you have 3 hours or 3 days to getaway, make the most of it. Sometimes the best sights are the ones right in your own backyard. We spent last weekend fitting in some of the best fall sights in Utah staycationing right here at home. Below are 5 reasons to love the Audi Q7 on a road trip:

  1. Space. It’s really open and there’s plenty of leg room in the front as well as the back. It also has a full sun roof that stretches along the majority of the roof of the car which makes it feel a lot more open.
  2. Do it all at the touch of a button. I love that everything has a push button – from the push button start to remote folding rear seats. It makes it easier to flip the seats up or down while trying to get the kids situated.
  3. The Look. Yes it’s an SUV but it still has that sleek design and clean lines that you look for in a ride. So many people commented on how they liked the look of the Q7.
  4. Technology. The car’s main stereo console drops down into the front dash which is sweet. I was also blown away by the driver assistance systems. From the adaptive cruise control to the traffic jam assist, it’s amazing how far they have come with technology.
  5. Last but not least, our favorite part of the Q7 was the virtual cockpit. The fully digital dashboard allowed me to have the Google Earth map right in front of me and the radio on the center screen for the kids to play with.

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