The Bucket List




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Hey guys, about a year ago One Republic came out with their song I Lived and I probably listened to and watched the Youtube video 1000 times on repeat.

The thought that kept coming into my head was, “Ya, it’s great to plan for the future and plan things a year out and we should do that, but also who knows what could happen in a year and what big events could change the path we think we might be on. It made me also start thinking about the bucket list I came up with a few years back and how most of the stuff I used to get excited about I’d already forgot about. I decided after that listening to that song that it’s time to resurrect my list and get the family on board.

Here are a few things I’ve learned when adding to and knocking things off the bucket list.

  1. Dream big and keep dreaming. Your list doesn’t have to stop after you’ve hit your first 25 things to do. I add to it every month based on a thought or something I’ve seen.
  2. Prioritize. Narrow it down to the things you want to do first and set deadlines.  My thought is if I assume it will take a year to knock something off the list, condense the timeline to 6 months to give yourself a sense of urgency.  As I mentioned before, we never know how much time we have so now is the time stop procrastinating.
  3. Get a partner in crime. Whether a best friend, spouse, or work colleague, it’s good to have someone that is going to motivate you and also help hold you accountable to do things you want to accomplish. My wife and I have always taken dry erase markers and written our bucket list out on the bathroom mirror along with the date we want to accomplish it by and the reward for doing so. It’s a nice reminder to see it every time you wake up and go to bed.

These are just a few of the things I’ve done to stay on top of my bucket list.  Above is one of the things that’s been on the list for a long time – modifying and customizing a super car.  A book I read the other day had the best quote “Be grateful but never content.”  I realized the second I become content I stopped dreaming.  Everyone’s bucket list is going to be unique to them but if you don’t consciously think about the things you want to do and accomplish, you end going through life just coasting.

Thanks for stopping by.

| CODY |