Men’s Spring Essentials Under $50

There are a few basic spring essentials every guy should own, especially when you can find them under $50. Here are a few seasonal staples for any budget:

1. | TWEED JACKET | : A versatile light weight jacket, easy to dress up or keep it casual.

2. | CLASSIC SHADES | : Ok these aren’t quite under $50 but a step up from the basic aviator  –  Here’s an alternative under $50.

3. | CANVAS SNEAKERS | : Break out your canvas. These two-tone sneakers will match most anything you have in your closet.

4. | STRIPED TEE | : Every guy should own a basic striped tee.  Enough said.

5. | SKINNY KHAKIS | : Alternative to  jeans and way more comfortable.

6. | CANVAS BELT | : Mix it up now and then with a non-traditional belt (you don’t always have to wear leather).

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