Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mothers Day Ideas

Not to excuse procrastinating buying gifts for Mother’s Day until the last minute, but if you end up in that situation you still have time to pull something together. Here are a few ideas:

Get it on camera: Film each of the kids saying something they love about her and throw it together in a video clip with a basic smart phone app. Add some music or other effects to make it something she’ll always remember.

Crafts: Help the kids make a gift from scratch. Think of something she is likely to use a lot and let the kids make it their own. Decorating a mug like this one is a fool-proof gift.

Family photo: Frame one of her favorite family photos in a cool picture frame.

Splurge: People spend a third of their lives in bed so splurge on that new bed she has had her eye on. (Or in Christine’s case, the other half of the bed she meant to order.)

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