The greatest thing I have learned about being a dad is the importance of quality time with your family. As the kids have come along, it’s funny how my perception of a ‘fun’ activity has evolved. Now most of my favorite activities boil down to something my kids love to do with me. Here are a few of our easy summer family favorites.

1. Pool time: My kids love anything water-related but swimming is their favorite. It’s cool to watch how creative they get inventing new games to play in the pool and watching them get so excited over a floaty. My wife just found these matching swimsuits from Vilebrequin that come in both men’s and kid’s sizes so they are a cool option for the dads and brothers of the family. Wes just hit the stage where he recognizes and gets excited about having some of the same stuff so Wes loved it. I’m also loving the pineapple print on this pair.

2. BBQ with dad: Backyard BBQs are always a hit at our house. The kids always get excited to pick out food for the BBQ and inviting a few of the kids’ friends over for a casual evening is surprisingly just as entertaining for the kids as it is for adults. I really liked this lightweight shirt to stay cool while I was grilling.

3. Amusement parks: A kid’s first time on a roller coaster is an unforgettable memory and as a dad, I can’t wait to be part of it. It’s a great opportunity for that bonding moment during the thrill of a first-time experience.

4. Backyard camping: Now that we have a little more yard, we are excited to take advantage of the outdoor spare more ofter. The best part about backyard camping is it doesn’t have to be anything extravagant – even something as simple as pitching a tent in the backyard for the night will lead to a fun make-shift camping experience.

5. Sporting events: Get them while they’re young. I love taking my kids to sporting events, even high school or other non-professional games, to give them a taste of the atmosphere. Cheering for your favorite teams is all the more exciting when your kids are cheering right along with (or against) you.

6. Escape the heat: For those days when it’s too hot to be outdoors, there’s nothing better than hanging out in A/C. Pop in a movie and grab your favorite treat (popcorn, if the kids leave it up to me) for a home-made movie date.

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