Father’s Day Giveaway

Being a father has not only been rewarding but I can honestly say it is also one of the best things that has happened to me. It’s like having 3 new best friends with me all the time.

MARA: Mara is always my go-to girl. Whenever there is any joking going around in the family, to her my jokes are always the funniest. She always has my back, and not just when it comes to a laugh I can depend on for all my jokes. My protective fatherly instincts kick in a lot with Mara. I’m probably a bit more protective of her since she is my only baby girl.

WES: I read the other day that the average kid asks 144 questions a day.  Wes is my boy who raises the bar on that statistic. He’s my little man who loves all the same things I do. He’s always excited to go dirt biking, look at cool cars, and play sports.

BECKAM: Every time I come home from work I can count on Beckam (B) to come running with his hands in the air for a hug. 97% of the time these days Beckam is giggly and smiling and the other 3% he is yelling for his blanket or the treat you have in your hand.  He’s at that stage where as a parent you think everything he does needs to be recorded to document and share how cute it is.






In honor of the day of the dads coming up this weekend, I am hosting a special Father’s Day giveaway. The winner will receive a $500 American Express gift card, a $200 gift card to Old Navy, a Padre sweatshirt and one of my favorite henleys which is coming soon to ILY Couture. Follow the instructions below to enter for a chance to win this great prize package for either a father or husband in your life. The contest ends Thursday June 18th at 5 . Good luck.

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Photos by Emmy Lowe.