4 Ways to Break Out Of Your Monotonous Weekly Work Routine









With it hitting the 70s last week here in Utah I think we are all getting a little bit of that spring fever. I’m breaking out the short sleeve shirts and more of my lighter layers. I got this button down from Express and also got this blue button – they are both really soft and comfortable. Their jeans are one of my favorites too. They have a little stretch so they are great for airport style for your upcoming spring break getaway or for casual Fridays at the office.

When it gets so nice outside it seems like there’s nothing worse than being stuck at work or in the office. I always like to switch things up so below are 4 cool ways to break the monotony of your weekly work routine.

  1. Meet your girl for lunch – Christine and I both work a lot so when we can, we try to coordinate the times we break for lunch so we can meet up at our favorite lunch spot or try a cool new restaurant downtown. It’s a great excuse to get out of the office and spend some time with your girl.
  2. Catch a matinee – When you have a couple meetings get canceled or a have a few hours open up after lunch, head to a movie theatre and catch a matinee for that movie you’ve been wanting to see. Nothing will break up a monotonous work day like a good movie.
  3. Office pranks – You don’t have to escape the office to break up your typical 9-5 work day. Find a harmless way to pull a prank and give everybody a good laugh – it’s a great way to get over that afternoon slump.
  4. Get your workout in – Bring your workout gear to the office and sneak in a run or a trip to the gym on your lunch break. Get you adrenaline pumping to keep you sharp for the rest of the afternoon.

What are some of your favorite ways to break up the monotony of the work week?

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*Photos by JessaKae. In collaboration with Express.