The Best and Worst Of Dubai









I recently had a chance to visit Dubai, somewhere I never imagined I would get to go. If you’ve ever added it to your list of places to see or if it’s on your bucket list, read these suggestions below first.

Where to stay: There really wasn’t an area that I found that I didn’t like. There were a few places I looked at that felt more like Vegas than Dubai, though. We lucked out with this trip with our friend picking a spot that was like no other. The Madinat Jumeirah was like nothing I had ever experienced before, from perfect beach setting to food to the fact that it’s on the water and you can take the boat from the lobby to your room. Pictures don’t do it justice. If all you do when you get to Dubai is experience this hotel, you won’t be disappointed.

Is it safe? This was the first question people seemed to ask. Answer is yes, very safe and the people were all beyond friendly.

What to eat: The food is good all around and if you don’t like to go off the beaten path, they have everything that you would find in the states. In most places I thought the food actually tasted better.

What to do: This one is easy. There’s more to do than we have enough time to do it in. I heard from a few people over there ask us why we were in Dubai and we would ask why not? From visiting the tallest building in the world to duning in the desert to hitting the beach, we only hit a fraction of what they have which is really everything.

The downside: Ok guys, you’re probably wondering what’s the worst of Dubai and honestly it’s hard to say. If you’re coming from the states its’s a longer flight and can be somewhat exhausting with the time change. The only thing I would really suggest (and wish we had done differently) was stay an extra day or two. Make sure when traveling there that you stay 5 to 6 night minimum to give your body time to adjust to the time change. Other than that, the dollar goes a long way over there, and I for sure would visit again.