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Working from home has its perks just as it has its challenges, so balancing the working from home and family is always about making sure the things you need the most, run the smoothest.

Between the kids streaming their favorite games or shows after school, Christine working from home, and me trying to run a few businesses out of my home office, there’s never a shortage of Wi-Fi hungry devices around the house, and there’s nothing worse than having slow Wi-Fi connection while you’re working or trying to meet a deadline. We just got Google Wifi for the house and it’s been able to keep up with the whole family. Google Wifi will also automatically adjust the settings so you’re always getting the fastest bandwidth for your devices, plus if it senses congestion from other devices it will switch you over to a clearer Wi-Fi channel so it keeps your connection fast and reliable. You can also set up the three Google Wifi points wherever you need faster  Wi-Fi in the house so that you have a stronger signal in those areas (i.e. the home office).  It’s also really easy to set-up and control all from an app, which gives you ability to pause Wi-Fi to the kids’ devices during bedtime, dinner, etc. – super useful!

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