Why Travel?

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why travel

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I’ve never been one for routine or any type of monotony. I’ve learned a lot over the last few years traveling – not just about the destinations I’m traveling to, but even more about myself. Here are 5 answers to the question, “Why travel?”.

  1. I never travel to escape life or what’s going on at home. Instead I look at it in three ways: t’s either an opportunity to grow, to refresh, or to break out of my bubble.
  2. Go with a plan but have an open mind. It will help you make the most of every moment but allow for the spontaneous moments that you never expected.
  3. You realize you’re a small fish in a big sea. This is the best. Anytime I leave home, I’m reminded of how many different walks of life there are and how unique everyone can be.
  4. Your problems seem small in the scheme of things. It’s good to get outside your bubble to see real issues others are facing out there.
  5. No distractions. Basketball, dance, the kids’ friends – you leave it all at home. Traveling is a time to get to know someone without all the hustle of daily life.

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