5 Gifts For Her This Holiday

With the holidays right around the corner it’s time to start game planning for the people on your gift list. Here are 5 gifts for her this holiday for every budget.


1. Sometimes the most memorable gifts are the ones from the heart. Whether you are on a tight budget this year, or putting all your extra money into your travel fund, stick something thoughtful under the tree for her. You can’t go wrong with a personal, hand written card.


2. Socks are in a whole new playing field these days but are still a good option when you are on a tight budget. Get a cool customized pair so it’s something unique.

3. Date nights are always a good gift option. You can plan a movie night for a new film she’s been talking about and to her favorite dessert place afterwards, or go to her favorite restaurant for dinner.


4. Spa day. She’ll never say no to a chance to relax and unwind for a day.

5. That big ticket item on her wish list. If you are going to splurge, Christmas is the time to do it. Go big and get her that big item she’s been wishing for. A nice watch is always going to be a hit, and it’s something she’ll use forever. Citizen Watches at Macy’s has tons of great options for her, and since they run on light you’ll never have to worry about replacing the battery. They also have cool men’s styles if you need something to add to your wishlist.

Here are some more great styles from Citizen Watches for him and her:

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