John Hennesseys Venom GT: The Worlds Fastest

When it comes to his cars John Hennessey doesn’t mess around. His experience in the automotive industry has led him to build some incredibly fast cars. Located in Sealy Texas USA, John figured he could build the worlds fastest. From the aluminum tub of a Lotus, John built …


We had the oppertunity to  interview one of the largest fake sellers in china, he asked us not to reveal his information. Heres what we asked him, and here is his response. We were shocked.
Q: How many sellers are there in China
Seller: Millions, some of …

3 Ways To Elevate Your Summer Style

1.Summer Fabrics:
It’s time to ditch the heavy thick winter fabrics. For the summer you need some linen’s or breathable cotton so you can still wear pants, but maintain a cool funcitonable fit.
2.Accessories :
In the hot summer you don’t have the layering options. Layering is a …